Sommer Metalcraft LLC was founded in 1906 in South Bend, Indiana and moved to Crawfordsville in 1928. In 1935, the Sommer family purchased and expanded the company. In 2016, Pine Street Growth Partners purchased the majority of the company, with the Sommer family still providing managerial guidance, to further grow and expand the company. As the company has grown over the last century and beyond, Sommer has been able to consistently pursue its three-part business strategy of unmatched service to customers, steady and profitable growth, and reinvestment of earnings to continually pursue innovative manufacturing approaches that give our customers superior quality products at a great value.

The History of Sommer Metalcraft

The Early Beginnings

Our Main Plant - Circa 1930

Our Main Plant, Circa 1930

The wire business that Sommer Metalcraft operates today started in South Bend, IN in 1906 as Campbell Wire Specialty.

Mr. Jeschke bought the business in 1928, moved it to Crawfordsville, IN and changed the name to Jeschke Wire Specialty.

In 1935, O.W. Sommer and his wife Christella bought the business from Mr. Jeschke with money loaned to them by Christella's mother. In 1948, O.W. incorporated the business as Sommer Metalcraft Corporation.

A Period of Growth

Under O.W.'s Direction, the company grew from 5 employees to over 200 employees. During his tenure as President, the company acquired several other operations including Monticello Displays and Heinz Co., both in Elwood, IN and moved them to Crawfordsville. In 1963, the company purchased Crown Products in Indianapolis, which became the second division of Sommer Metalcraft.

In 1969, O.W. retired as President and his son, Jon W. Sommer replaced him. In the early 1980's, the company purchased another operation in Indianapolis called Viewegh, which became part of the Indianapolis division. It was later sold.

In 1985, the corporation decided to expand to the southern part of the United States and a division was opened in Auburn, AL, called SMC South. The Alabama division was "spun-off" in 2006.

By the early 1990's, the corporation had grown to over 350 employees. Since 1960, annual corporate sales have grown from $1.1 million to a high of over $30 million.

Our Offices - Circa 1960's

Our Offices, Circa 1960's

A True Family Business

Our Company, Today

Our Company, Today and Tomorrow

On January 1, 1999, Jon's son, Scott Sommer took over the reins as President of the Indiana division of the corporation, with Jon Sommer remaining as the CEO and Chairman of the Board. In the fall of 1999, all of our operations at our Indianapolis facilities were consolidated into our Crawfordsville location.

There are three generations of the Sommer family involved with the business as shareholders, members of the Board of Directors and/or employees. There are several family members working for the organization now.

In 2016, Sommer Metalcraft partnered with Pine Street Growth Partners to help guide and support our future growth strategies. The new company is named Sommer Metalcraft LLC, and we are continuing our role of being the country's leading supplier of fabricated wire, sheet metal, and tubing products.